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"A fruitful discussion: from genes to plate" organised by the students of the course "Development of crop ideotypes".                                                                            June 16th 2020 Microsoft Teams. Flyer attached.

Premio Pastaria 2020

Kinski Editori, editore della rivista specializzata Pastaria, istituisce un premio per la migliore Tesi di Dottorato e due premi per le migliori Tesi di Laurea Magistrale riguardanti la Ricerca applicata all’attività di produzione di pasta alimentare. In allegato la locandina.

Covid emergency: distance learning until 31 July

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Summer schools

Summer schools of Italian language and culture are organised by the University Language Centre SLAM in July-August 2020 in Gargnano sul Garda. At the following link you can find information on the courses and how to apply for financial support: https://www.unimi.it/en/study/language-proficiency/international-courses-italian-language-and-culture

Programme quality
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Students and teachers participate in programme quality policies through regular monitoring and assessment activities based on indicators provided by the Ministry of Education (MIUR).

As Quality Assurance policies and procedures are student-centred. Inline with this the University has provided a training course divided into 4 modules for the students of the University.