Places and facilities


The Agricultural and Food Sciences programme is based in Milan, on via G. Celoria 2.

Classrooms and laboratories

The classrooms are located in Milan, Città Studi, Sector E:

  • Entrance from Via Mangiagalli 25, C01 to C13, Laboratories (agricultural chemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry)
  • Entrance from Via Celoria 2, C20 to C24, main hall, study rooms, room 8 (IT) and room 9
  • Entrance from via Colombo, C20 to C24, laboratory of sensory analysis

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The University offers students, research fellows, postgraduates and university personnel computer labs and computerized classrooms by reservation, which are available for autonomous use of the resources and for completion of the required online registration

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences has a central library and several sector libraries. The central library collects documents concerning agriculture, food sciences and related subjects, which can be accessed through the University Library System. The libraries and book collections of the individual departments, coordinated by the central library, cover the various disciplines of the agri-food sector in greater detail.

Central Library of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Location:Via G. Celoria, 2 - 20133 Milano
Tel. 02 50316428 - Fax 02 50316427
Opening hours:Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm