University Farm

The experimental farms of the University of Milan support teaching and research activities in the agri-food sector, while also providing students and researchers with field-testing facilities.

Headquarters: Cascina Marianna - Landriano (PV)
Tel. 0382 64598 - Fax 0382 615448
Supervisor: Prof. Gianni Matteo Crovetto
Tel. 0250316438, e-mail:
Business managers: Mauro Colnago, Davide Reginelli
Branch: Cascina Baciocca, Cornaredo (MI), also home to laboratories of the Departments of Food Science, Agricultural Engineering, Protection of Agribusiness and Urban Systems and Enhancement of Biodiversity, and Plant Production.
Business manager: Marco Gibin
Tel. 02 50334600 - Fax. 02 50334601, e-mail

Headquarters: Loc. Borgo Adorno - Cantalupo Ligure (AL)
Tel. 0143 93152
Supervisor: Prof. Gianni Matteo Crovetto 
Tel. 0250316438, e-mail

Headquarters: Loc. Arcagna, via Paullese 26 - Montanaso Lombardo (LO)
Tel. 0371 689048 - Fax. 0371 474201
Supervisor: Prof. Daniele Bassi (Plant Production Dept.)
Tel. 0250316560, e-mail
Business manager: Emanuele Quattrini

Branch: CETAS (Centro Tecnologie Agrarie Avanzate in Serra), Tavazzano (LO).
Business manager: Emanuele Quattrini